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A Smile Goes a Mile

Idaho FCCLA!

Considering that Idaho is usually always ranked among the states with the highest suicide rates, the Idaho FCCLA State Officer Team has chosen to focus Idaho’s Outreach Project on suicide prevention.

With the focus on suicide prevention, we have chosen to create and sell bracelets for a fundraiser for the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline (ISPH).

The bracelets have the phrase, “A Smile Goes a Mile”, along with “#ISPH” and “#CONNECT”. Our goal is to raise $1,500 for the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline. The bracelets are being sold for $2 each with all proceeds going towards the ISPH. We chose the phrase, “A Smile Goes a Mile” because something as simple as smiling at someone can brighten their day. We chose to put “#CONNECT” because connecting with someone can help reduce the suicide rates.

Please help us reach our goal of $1500 for the ISPH, by buying a bracelet from your adviser.

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