How Can you get involved?

Idaho FCCLA is excited to partner with wehelptwo this year, a platform that fundraises through the power of funky socks!

Click here to join the idaho State officer campaign or start your own! 

Your chapter has the opportunity to join our Idaho FCCLA State Officer campaign or set up your own campaign to sell these amazing and colorful socks in your school! 


To start your own campaign, head to the WeHelpTwo website and find the "Start Your Campaign" button under the "First Steps" tab at the top of the page. For assistance starting your campaign, you can also contact WeHelpTwo's founder, Trevor: trevor@wehelptwo.com . 

You will be able to pre-sell socks in your community during the month of November. In December, WeHelpTwo will deliver your socks to the houses of the purchaser! 

  • You can donate all of the money earned to two of WeHelpTwo's preset donation areas

  • You can keep a small percentage of chapter money raised and donate the rest

  • The chapter that sells the most socks will receive an award and recognition at the Idaho State Leadership Conference in April, 2022!

There are several ways you and your

chapter can get involved this year:

School Assemblies


Contact Nicholas Wagner at nicholas.a.wagner10.ctr@mail.mil the Lead, Child & Youth Program Coordinator for Military Youth to schedule Military Youth to come to your school and have an assembly.


If you host one you will be put into a drawing at state! Enter drawing by filling out the google form at https://forms.gle/KPsyDifw1pAoK1CdA.



If you donate throughout the year we would like to recognize your chapter for making a contribution to the Comfort Cases for Military Youth.


Please fill out this form at  https://forms.gle/9kDzZC1rWgDbHw716 Any donations can be dropped off at your local armories.




List of needed items for Comfort Cases


  • Toothbrushes 

  • Laundry Detergent 

  • Toothpaste 

  • Packaged T-shirts (White/Grey/Black) Men: M,L,& XL

  • M/F Deodorant 

  • Combs 

  • Hairbrushes 

  • Glue Sticks

  • Construction paper (whole pieces)

  • Denture Adhesive 

  • Watercolor Paint 

  • Tacky Glue

  • Poly Grip Denture 

  • Denture Cleaner 

  • Adhesive 

  • “Forever” Stamps 

  • Card Making Paper 

  • Paint Brushes 

  • Sketch Pads 

  • DVD or Blu-ray 

  • Nintendo/Wii Games 

  • Movies (no VHS) 

  • Books/CD/Tapes

  • Card Making Decor (Stickers,gems, ribbon, etc.)