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Get Involved

Idaho FCCLA has many opportunities for chapter members to get more involved throughout the state and community. Check out some of the initiatives below to learn more!

Membership Campaign

Presidents council has been formed to create strong chapters, district unity, and celebrate state wide participation. Each chapter will be represented by the president, or a chapter representative. Each of the six districts will also be represented by the president or another district officer. Click the links below for more information, and to get signed up!

President's Councl Information Form

President's Council Information

Chapter Flag Parade

Help us celebrate our outstanding chapters by flying your flag in the Chapter Flag Parade at State Leadership Conference. During the Opening Session of SLC, one representative from each chapter will have the opportunity to carry your chapter's flag across the stage.

Chapter Flag Parade

Chapter Flag Parade Information

Chapter Visit

Do you want a State officer to visit your chapter? Have a state officer in your area visit your chapter to help with STAR events, give information, and talk to chapter officers. If this interests you please fill out the form below.

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